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Paulina Plazas

Award Winning Visual Artist Paulina Plazas showcased her work at Trygve Lie Gallery in New York City. At age 17 Plazas was writing her first novel “The Life of the Death”and was named one of the most promising Colombian talents of her generation by the number one magazine in the country, Revista Semana. That same year she became the youngest screenwriter ever to win honors at the international screenwriting competition “Premio Solinas” with her screenplay “Sopas!” After graduating from the Academy of the Arts in Rome she moved to New York City where her paintings and films have been showcased in art galleries and film festivals.


Her short film “Killer Talent” premiered at The Colombian International Film Festival New York and her documentary “Lorena” premiered at the World Kids International Film Festival in India where it toured schools as part of the educational program “Lessons in the Dark”.


Plazas resides in New York where she has produced and directed music videos for several recording artists including Primaluce and DJ Firstlight which premiered in MTV Europe. She has also appeared as a performer in numerous plays in Europe and South America and in the Television Series “The Hunt”. Paulina is currently working in Pre-Production of her feature film "The Girl Inside", a coming-of-age horror film told from the point of view of a young girl dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder. She continues to explore different artistic mediums working in photography, film, oil / acrylic paint and NFT art. IMDB Link:


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